Vanity Lane

from by Allen Mask



Vanity Lane was originally written for a male part on the chorus...until I met Caitlin. We played around with a few feel change-ups here and it didn't turn out half bad. Recorded this one over at Warrior Sound with the brilliant Al Jacob who really helped bring the song to life.

Vanity Lane is about trying to do the long distance thing. Look for more tunes like this on the upcoming "Pop E.P."


Verse 1:

She left her number in the DJ booth
11 digits it was Robin from the U.K
On her way to sleep when I was waking up on Tuesday
I think we’re gonna have to do this in a new way
Cuz when we met I was still eating at the Top of Lenoir
Only thinkin’ bout what I was tryna register for
But she…
Was sittin’ pretty in a different time zone
And I bet that she don’t even have my picture on her iPhone
We all believe that love is really metaphysical yet
We all agree that there’s a certain individual set
To rock a rock that you could spend your life savings on
That kinda cream that could make life saving easy yall
I need a shorty that wont ever have to see me ball
I know she’ll listen if I text instead of try to call
And so I’ll shoot an SMS…SOS
Fortunately I regret that I never left


And we got so lost and confused I know
That we got too far and removed
From Vanity Lane I'm lost in the view it shows
How I fought much harder than you


I took her number from the DJ booth and came home but could really only skype her
Met her back in London at Millennium and Cypher
Rockin’ D and Gabanna Givenchy over a Prada bamboo piece
And I was still in undergrad on the grind but she
At 27 had a little more time to be
Life size and live in a high rise and I bet that she don’t even have my country code memorized
It's been about a year and change since the change…wait
Its kinda hard to move along with the exchange rate
Capital benefits but never in the same place
Overseas long distance never seemed great
I really think I’m doing fine but it seems late
And you don’t ever seem to mind that you feel great
But that’s straight…I'm glad you got your piece of mind
But you’ll no longer get this piece of mine


Just when I thought that I had lost it
Told myself I’d never finish cleaning out my closet…let alone get better
You know its nothing fancy we
Gave up any amnesty
I prolly shoulda listened to the weather
If all was fair in love and war…then maybe our anomaly might
Be said and done and better maybe tonight
Later you’ll see that I’m right
As if it really matters now but I guess you’re gonna hear it anyhow


From Vanity Lane I'll leave for the morning
Wishing you home but glad you’re away and through
Baby I just needed a warning
Darling all I wanted to say to you...


from Pilot Season [LP], released April 1, 2010
Allen Mask - Vocals, Production
Caitlin Watkins - Vocals

Written and composed by Allen Mask for Playhouse Records and Thinkoption, LLC

Engineered by Al Jacob at Warrior Sound - Chapel Hill, NC
Mixed and Mastered by Jerry Albritton at Xfakturmuzik - Greensboro, NC


all rights reserved



Allen Mask San Francisco, California

al·len mask
noun /’alən,mask/ [singular]

20something recording artist whose compositions and productions are suggestive of musically innovative yet universally accepted hip hop.

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