Sweet Sweet

from by Allen Mask



Sweet Sweet is more or less the title track of the album. It was one of the first songs I wrote for the project and is by-far the most important song. I dont usually write love songs but took this on as a challenge from someone very special in my life. I'm glad I did it. It set the stage and theme for the whole album and seemed to get me in the door :)

After I wrote the music Eric and I spent a whole session deciding whether or not it was strong enough to include. I promised him that it would be dope after I wrote lyrics. Needless to say we pulled it off. This song is un-intentionally many peoples favorite.


Verse 1:

Dear love
I'd like to say its been a pleasure meeting you before the gate closed
4th quarter love stories gotta hate those
But this becoming has a color that ive never seen painted like a better dream
Homecoming queen - I cant imagine that our timing could be any worse
And then I fortunately realize that you could be the first and the last perfect woman that i ever meet
I should prolly


Get a little sleep at night
Instead of 2nd guessin if i treat you right
I'd prolly get a little more done some way
By not wishing you back in my life all day
But i'll never rest if i should let you leave
And so ill give you every little thing you need
And all i wanna do is have you here close by
You know that I mean it and you know just why
So honey would you


Wait for
I'll wait for you
Save your
And I'll save for you
My love
And we'll runaway
Its gonna be o
Its gonna be o-k

Verse 2:

Dear love
I thought id write a little note and hide it right inside your coat for you to find with your peppermints
Maybe you could be beside it when you're missing how my big spoon kisses on your neck make you reminisce
Of simple times and irrelevance...of first dates fruit shakes youtubes of intelligence
Phototeach me to compose like you...frame all that God knows like you
I should prolly

Pre-chorus Repeat
Chorus Repeat


Sweet Sweet
Hold on to our mini history
Lover you're a remedy to all the misery
The way you glisten like an angel with the energy of bright lights
Lord willing you could save the world twice
But if you move along i hope you let me down slow
And should you find another keep it on the down low
I got a feelin ill want you to stick around though
Beautiful...think about me singing from my cubicle...


from Sweet Dreams [LP], released March 10, 2011


all rights reserved



Allen Mask San Francisco, California

al·len mask
noun /’alən,mask/ [singular]

20something recording artist whose compositions and productions are suggestive of musically innovative yet universally accepted hip hop.

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