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Jubilee is by far my favorite song on the album. I believe this is the best song I have ever written. The form, feel and lyrics are among my most honest and I absolutely am in love with how it turned out. Really give this one a good listen. It would mean the world to me.

This track is the one I wish Hollywood would listen to. Cant you see this as a movie theme song? Kinda has the symptoms of a Seal groove. Kissed By A Rose anyone? Let's get this on the next Batman soundtrack!



We can only be one number
With everything I give I'm gonna need
Me to be your new front runner
With everything I give I wanna be


And I'll be dreaming on the floats of far away
In Jubilee
To find a reason why the things I've learned today
Are new to me
And should you find that I've awaken all alone
Then lead the way
Cuz i'll remind you if you make it far from home
That either way

Verse 1:

Theres a place beyond the troposphere
Where self-examinations help me understand just what im going through
Theres something special that I notice here
It parallels the love euphoria that ive developed knowing you
And as I rest among the clouds, talk to God and shoot the breeze across lower lands
I marvel at your elegance
And how you shine to be the star for outer space
Every single of your heartbeats teaches me with an eloquence

Verse 2:

Rosy my riveter aggressively
I'd like to thank you for the way you let me love on you excessively
I've turned you into my necessity but honestly I wouldnt have it any other way
But while I'm here today
Let me reveal a new confession
How ive made you into my confection
Sugar sweet your everybody's blessing
Wont you be lifeline babe
If im lucky maybe I can be your lifetime fav

I know when thinking geographically its hard to your hope alive
Though you may secretly be hoping I
Would yield to doors already open over welcoming the coping and mis-symmetry that comes with our proximity
But fortunately or unfortunately so
You're worth it to the death
No-where that I wouldnt go
And I now I know that waiting for you was the rule for
Why I had to sit through 20 something years of school for


from Sweet Dreams [LP], released March 10, 2011
Written and performed by Allen Mask
Co-produced by Eric Sim


all rights reserved



Allen Mask San Francisco, California

al·len mask
noun /’alən,mask/ [singular]

20something recording artist whose compositions and productions are suggestive of musically innovative yet universally accepted hip hop.

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