How To Play

from by Allen Mask



Originally called "sing sing," How To Play was a studio accident that ended up becoming on of the singles for the album. I was at the piano in Eric's studio and on a break jokingly played a Kesha type riff alongside the rhythm section we were working on. After teasing the melody with a catchy organ synth I re-wrote the tune as a bubble gum dance groove. Thank God for jokes gone serious.

Special thanks to Mackenzie Huffman for being our fresh ears that day. This was one of the first Sweet Dreams sessions and she kept us from going stir crazy too early in the process.


Verse 1:

Welcome to the discotech
Sweet lovely - tip toe hug me - please
Let me get a 2-3 step
Lets rave like we've been overseas...
Boom - clap my gorgeous greek
Siren myth you torture me
I'm a la cart just order me
My dandelion - put your hand and mine

Pre-Chorus 1:

Follow me - re-locate to VIP
And when I lift my shades
We'll toast to free champagne behind the velvet rope
Sing you all the songs I wrote
For us to hold each other to
Wont you be my lover boo
Put yes beside the box i drew


Take me all the way
Why dont you
Teach me how to play
Why wont you
take m all the way
Why wont you
Teach me how to play
Why dont you

Verse 2:

Welcome to the discotec
Sweet missy - tip toe kiss me - please
You dont really know me yet
But lets catch up ill waive my fees
Kick - snare my spartan dream
Helen be my trojan queen
You know im Paris smooth I mean
And Hectors got my back - tit for tat

Pre-chorus 2:

Follow me - You dont need no GED just let the music set you free and move according to whats feeling fine
Tangerine my clementine dont think about the finish line just gimme all you got
Allen's got you let it rock...i hear you


And she said...
Baby if I need you
Baby if I need you
Baby if I need you
Baby if I need you
Baby if I need you
Baby if I need you
Baby if I need you wont you be there open arms

We've come to far to disappear
We've come too far
We've come too
We've come too far to fall this year
We've come too far
I hear you


from Sweet Dreams [LP], track released March 10, 2012
Written and performed by Allen Mask
Co-produced by Eric Sim


all rights reserved



Allen Mask San Francisco, California

al·len mask
noun /’alən,mask/ [singular]

20something recording artist whose compositions and productions are suggestive of musically innovative yet universally accepted hip hop.

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