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I was actually in a photoshoot with Josh when I first came up with the melody line for Gallerina. I remember telling Tom Harling about it and we spent some time getting a scratch track down before we graduated in May of 09'. Stephanie helped me out with this track out at the The Shop in Concord, NC.

Gallerina is a lovers dream sequence. It was the first song recorded for the album and used so many tracks that it shut down all of our computers! First session I have ever done with Ableton Live.


Verse 1:

My Mona Lisa I can feel you
Beneath your canvas praying mantis let me steal you
I got a place where I can heal you
It's at the corner of Atlantis and cathedral ballerina
If you could teach me how to float above the stage then maybe
I'd fly away before the paramedics try to save me
It's by appointment baby this is no tradition tell me would you ever be my
Second story diva


Would you ever go this far to be?
Part of the majestic's 1-2-3
Tiny little dream bots on their own
Moving us along while marching home
Would you ever swim this far to see?
Anything about how you and me
Hide away in dreamland fields of foam
Live a second sequence all alone

Verse 2:

Mona Lisa I can read you
You shouldn’t build it with so much that I can see through Gallerina
I think I really think I need you
If you're about to say you love me I'll precede you ballerina
If you could teach me how to spin a perfect circle maybe
I'd be less hesitant to use the color purple daily
Don’t be confused my lady we are just beginning are you starting to believe my
Sugar señorita


Well did you whisper run away? Please repeat I’m far away
My screens so blue
Well are we here just for the day? Have we come a different way?
I’m tasting you
It's maybe memory delay can't remember what to say
Please paint me new
And pull the trigger all the way then repeat it everyday say baby


from Pilot Season [LP], released April 1, 2010
Allen Mask - Vocals, Production
Stephanie Gray - Vocals
Thomas Harling - Guitars

Written performed by Allen Mask and for Playhouse Records and Thinkoption, LLC

Engineered by Thomas Harling and Rob Shoemaker at The Shop - Concord, NC
Mixed and Mastered by Jerry Albritton of Xfakturmuzik - Greensboro, NC


all rights reserved



Allen Mask San Francisco, California

al·len mask
noun /’alən,mask/ [singular]

20something recording artist whose compositions and productions are suggestive of musically innovative yet universally accepted hip hop.

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