Efland feat. Starr Miller

from by Allen Mask



Efland is indeed a reference to Efland, NC. This is the first track I ever did with Eric Sim and I can promise you it will not be the last. We featured the lovely Starr Miller on this and hearing her sing for the first time sent chills down everyone's spine in the studio. Special thanks to my dear friend BOLU for helping put us in touch!

Efland is about the waxes and wanes of a fading relationship. I know a lot of people who have been in such situations recently and my ears put this feel on my heart. One of the sadder songs on the album for sure.


Verse 1:

Every season has its skeptics
Lights could cease to flutter Transamerica
And some would never notice
It’s not a picture perfect story but we’ve shared some pleasant frames
I just don’t think the both of us can be in focus
They say that lovers rock and though we tend to roll
I gotta drop and stop to keep this burnin’ under my control
It just can't be ignored
And though I’ve gotten pretty good at holdin’ weight
I can no longer participate


But queen I know you’re thinking
That our beginnings lately
Have gone in all but the direction you're anticipating
Our love supreme in waiting
May never reach the place it needs to be our expiration worries me exceedingly
I know your love for me and
You know my love for you
It wasn’t meant to be I'll stop this catching 22
But lover listen to
What she says on her way from Efland
And keep in mind that love wasn’t the question
You'll repeat


We'll be fine I know
I'll pick up the pieces on your way
Leave me mine and go
Re-define forever please don’t stay

Verse 2:

Vis a vis the disregard you think is evident
I’ll ask for your redemption how I did it wasn’t relevant
Don’t think I’ve ever been benevolent
I’m sure you would agree
But I can no longer regret how I mistakenly
Would take your hand and speak of love only in myths
And do my best to be a better man but paid you all in counterfeit
You must forgive my getting down a bit
I’m just opposed to being juxtaposed but you know how the story goes


Tell me that your greatest fear is overcome
And when its all over and done you'll go and find yourself another one
I pray that he can be the perfect
Maybe super human leaps above what you would think is legend unbelieving love
And when its over dont think how it could have been
Just know in your heart you're with him
And theres no opposition only win
Just let it go all that you're holdin' in
Cuz you and I foreverly
Are better in his grip but all your telling me is this...


from Pilot Season [LP], released April 1, 2010
Allen Mask - Vocals, Production
Starr Miller - Vocals

Written and composed by Allen Mask for Playhouse Records and Thinkoption, LLC

Engineered by Eric Sim of Simtracks - Raleigh, NC
Mixed and Mastered by Jerry Albritton of Xfakturmuzik - Greensboro, NC


all rights reserved



Allen Mask San Francisco, California

al·len mask
noun /’alən,mask/ [singular]

20something recording artist whose compositions and productions are suggestive of musically innovative yet universally accepted hip hop.

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