Bittersweet feat. The Clefs

from by Allen Mask



Bittersweet is probably my favorite song on the album. It was originally a jazzy piano vamp I wrote as an acoustic groove but we decided to electro-org it out with more of a pop feel. I have been wanting to do something with an a capella group for a while and was fortunate enough to have a selection of UNC Clef Hangers take the track to the next level. Thanks again guys!

Bittersweet is about porous faith, prayer riffs and varsity Christian mentality. It is a self portrait of criticism and sports some of the most meaningful lyrics I have ever written.


Verse 1:

Mr. Maker God the father
Lord of all my inabilities miscalculated synergies and misdemeanors
There’s been a surge of infidelity
Material serenity
Forgive my lack of faith and how it's come between us
There’s no excuse and not a fancy way to say that I mistook this...for the road less taken
My mistaken reasons weaken
But in the midst of heavy seeking I dissent
And recollect the fact my last misfortune cookie read
this paragraph


Change the way I see light
Cuz we can't be that far away from the day
I need no longer free my
Belief that we are far away from the pain
I’d leave behind to be right
And she can’t be that far away from the same
I’ll blame the way I re-write
And be a new believer gone away from the way I…

Verse 2:

Speak out the corner of my mouthpiece
Ancient tongues and 40 days and nights away from maybe what it used to be
They say you’ll change the world and using me will be a form of blessing
Not a lesson that my locks don’t settle properly
Lord I consider me your property
And I'd be foolish if I said I walked with something less than honesty
I realize my toolbox is something short of what is most important
So I wrote this on my working order


May need a minute
More like a mere eternity for
A chance to really lay my weapons down before the war
It's not a study (or)
A pleasant way of life but it’s the only way to be
Without them praying for me anxiously
I'm having difficulty sifting through the terms of our agreement
No extension needed save permission for my pardon
I haven’t visited the garden
We changed the name from Eden please ignore the bleeding
Promise I'll be stopping soon
This is my 98th balloon and 7th life If I'm conservative
I fear that fear itself will be affirmative
My habit gets me to the point where I'm alright but in the absence of your light
There's just no way that I can fly at night
The best mechanics perfect weather and my 20 something years of pure experience
I'm as attracted to infinity the way you are divinity which in itself can justify the the way they told me


I’ll be measured in phenometrics
20,000 leagues below this modern day majestic where the people sent me
To be among the youngest martyrs with our true midnight marauders of the victory
That speak to you specifically
I'll be buried in pyrotechnics
In 30 more degrees I'll be immune to antiseptics and amphetamines
But if it's all for livability and compromised utility
I think I'll vote the way that gets me to you


from Pilot Season [LP], released April 1, 2010
Allen Mask - Vocals, Production
Andrew Simpson - Vocals
Phillip Bouche - Vocals
David Hall - Vocals
Logan Mauney - Vocals
AJ Keihner - Vocals
Jason Perfetto - Vocals

Written and composed by Allen Mask for Playhouse Records and Thinkoption, LLC

Engineered by Taylor Roberts of Sub.Urban Studios - Raleigh, NC
Mixed and Mastered by Jerry Albritton of Xfakturmuzik - Greensboro, NC


all rights reserved



Allen Mask San Francisco, California

al·len mask
noun /’alən,mask/ [singular]

20something recording artist whose compositions and productions are suggestive of musically innovative yet universally accepted hip hop.

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