Artofficial feat. Nicolas Couture

from by Allen Mask



Artofficial features my wonderful grandmother! Notice the soundbite up front and you can hear her voice recorded on a clip or two. I had my very talented cousin Nico feature on this track. Special thanks to Laurel Gillespie and Ana Kizer for being fresh ears for the session.

Artofficial is about legacy, timelessness and love. It's knowing who you are, where you came from and why that is essential to where you are going. "Much Love Grandma Jean!"


Verse 1:

In loving memory of
That great ability acknowledged in a form of an epiphany
Remembered only way back when for a moment
I had forgotten what it meant to have inherited a luminary legacy
That everybody’s telling me
Live up to
Youngin’ you’ll never be too abrupt to
Give a little credit to everybody that loves you
And she told me – if I ever make a difference in this world to keep in mind it’d be a million acts removed from the first time
That was my grandmother
And she was the grandest mother any brother's sister ever been to me
Never neglected to help me redirect my energy when I’d forgotten everything my predecessors did for me
With just a moment
Invested well in reminisce could show you every overlook you ever made
Every person who forgot and who forgave just
So you could know what it means for opportunity to be more than a part of your dreams its why


They told us we wont do this music for long
So give it up over the breaks of that b-boy’s song
It's just that…
Fresh hip hop music movin’ into me
We got it on the track – rippin’ it till infinity
So tell my party people that’s what’s up
And if you feel it grab a record put your systems up
And maybe then we’ll let em’ know that we’re here
Artofficial and we know that…this is never gonna be a throwback

Verse 2:

Back…when I was nothing but a seed
With every bit of all ability that’s needed to succeed but I object
We recognize your mark because of someone
Just look into your mirror be reminded where you come from
Then may you, write a million letters saying thank you
Knowing that it took more than a village just to raise you
And I pray you
Forever keep in front of your mind when you neglect your history you're more than leaving behind a simple memory
Then she looked me right in my face
And said it wouldn’t make a difference it wasn’t for grace
I'll remind you
Battle with the army right behind you
And listen to the oracles that show you how to climb to the summit
It takes a nation holding us back
Of many more than just a million as a matter of fact
The precedents of our superiors heroics and life lines
Have made it possible for us to be at the right time yeah

Verse 3:

(Nicolas Couture)

From New Orleans up to Harlem
my roots run deeper than blackberry molasses,
I raise glasses
To my family who path'd passage
For me to feel like I’m Cassius
When he dropped Frazier
Now it's art through the audio
Snakes in the industry
Who can't taste the energy
Or even see the sound
We got the cap and gown
Posing with a thousand women with they diplomas from outta town
I'll leave a legacy
Bet they'll remember me
Mama said get the paper - did that literally
Nicolas so refined
Ocean front view time could stop on a dime
You could have the wrong outfit
Create my own outlet
Failure I doubt it, CL 5 hoping out it
We grooving and we grooving
And we moving how we moving
Legacy producing, imagine me losing


from Pilot Season [LP], released April 1, 2010
Allen Mask - Vocals, Production
Nicolas Couture - Vocals
Meredeth McCoy - Vocals
Mitchell Marlowe - Guitars

Written and composed by Allen Mask for Playhouse Records and Thinkoption, LLC

Engineered by Al Jacob at Warrior Sound - Chapel Hill, NC
Mixed and Mastered by Jerry Albritton at Xfakturmuzik - Greensboro, NC


all rights reserved



Allen Mask San Francisco, California

al·len mask
noun /’alən,mask/ [singular]

20something recording artist whose compositions and productions are suggestive of musically innovative yet universally accepted hip hop.

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