All My Days

from by Allen Mask



All My Days is the second single on "Sweet Dreams." It, much like How To Play, was the love-child from the chord progression of a song I wrote called Sing Sing. All my days has kind of a B.O.B ish pop groove to it and is a playful dedication to the ms. Sweet in my "Sweet Dreams."

When recording this I ended up singing the chorus a lot more straight than had planned. It took me a while to warm up to the new sound - it sounded square to me at first but turned out pretty hip. Special thanks to Simz for adding backgrounds for me on the chorus.


Verse 1:

Mr. Geenie in my tape deck listen
I dont need infinite wishes or a paycheck from you
But I could use a little with the dime next store
Who I rhyme this for for yo
Im just tryna let the world know hear me
Wall Street I might have to take a furlough cuz
I-bank now on CJB
Fly me straight to CLT
Cuz shes to me

Ice cream AND topped with sprinkles
Brighter than than my colorwheel prints at kinkos
Sugar cube pop like the top of pringles
5 foot 9 top shelf in town
Fresh so clean dressed up or down
My pretty queen bee still freshly crowned
Full cup filled up with the best around
Your perfect lets just work it cuz im


Looking back
On all my days Im looking at
How all my ways
Are leading to
You baby
Im still needing you
To be my lady

Verse 2:

And I scream Juliet, Juliet
Lemme romeover gotta get gotta get
Anything I can from your shakespeare set
I'll be
22 maybe 23 steps back
And I got a new jetpack with a full fuel rack and a 6 inch screen map
Make a heart for me where you'll be
I'll move XO love wait for me you'll see

Cross coast from new york to frisco
Sweeter than my fruit snack nabisco
Cherry on top she owns the disco
With 32 teeth that could change the globe
Smile so bright it could light your soul
My unsigned hype - fellas fret to know that
I got her looking over my contract works
Fairytale nymph ill sign you first i'm


I keep her kisses in my front left square
Gotta catch em all cuz my heart beats there
Everysingle night blow a kiss one prayer to where you are my shooting star
I'll save for you my front row seat
Pastry chef you made me sweet
You're saving me
I'd give this all for you to come and stay with me


from Sweet Dreams [LP], released March 10, 2011
Written and performed by Allen Mask
Co-produced by Eric Sim


all rights reserved



Allen Mask San Francisco, California

al·len mask
noun /’alən,mask/ [singular]

20something recording artist whose compositions and productions are suggestive of musically innovative yet universally accepted hip hop.

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