All I Do

from by Allen Mask



All I do is a pretty cool tune. It has a funky 70s style disco bass line on the chorus with an up-beat dancy ska feel throughout. I always love to use real piano sounds anytime I can so of course I was pumped to use a natural patch for the verses. I record all of the parts to the songs using a keyboard controller. Its always more fun when I actually chomp with real acoustic libraries rather than synths and e-pianos.

This song was originally called Have Your Say and had a pretty intimate chorus. After playing with a few different ideas in the studio I decided to change the lyrics that my love confessions for my Sweet would be too mushy for this record's commercial audience. I guess I'll never know how it would have turned out otherwise. But don't worry - shes heard the original version.



All I do is think about you
All i do is sing for you and
All I do is think about you
All I do is sing for you babe


I cant wait for tomorrow
Take my heart for the keeping
Hand me your coat to borrow
Im on my way and leaving
I wont wait for tomorrow
I cant ignore the needing
Hand me your boat to borrow
Im off into the evening

Verse 1:

Lady on my GPS take me where she may be lets go
By land by sea by air dont care no rain no sleet no snow
Just start
This'll be a one way trip from this runway strip to her heart
Headphones all I packed
Keep whats left not coming back
Im moving

Verse 2:

I'll chase this coast to find you
By sea my boats behind you
I'll find some way and time to
Touch your perfect face
Outer space is not too far
High speed chase you in my car
There's no escaping me
Sweet please fill my heart's forever vacancy

Verse 3:

Map my quest new destination lead me
On my way believe me
Please be there receive me
I'll show up right on time
With your favorite candies flowers
Time to talk for hours
After april showers
May our love bud?


from Sweet Dreams [LP], released March 10, 2011


all rights reserved



Allen Mask San Francisco, California

al·len mask
noun /’alən,mask/ [singular]

20something recording artist whose compositions and productions are suggestive of musically innovative yet universally accepted hip hop.

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