Broken by Leegrid Stevens, Craig Bridger

Broken by Leegrid Stevens, Craig Bridger
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 564 KB

One hundred years have passed since The Drekkád vanished. The once proud kingdom remains blotted by the dark days that followed, when mages were slaughtered, their institutions burned. Old King Caelorn lingers on, without an heir. Drought and depression stifle the land. There are no more casters. Magic is forbidden.

But when a woman falls from the sky, razing an entire city with only her fists, past and present are forced to bloody account. A downtrodden people tremble before power not seen since the days of The Drekkád. Some point to forgotten prophecy. Others dare to hope.
One man is convinced he can stop her. One man believes he knows how to calm her fury, if he can only reach her in time.

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