Pilot Season [LP]

by Allen Mask

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This is my solo debut. This...is my Pilot Season.


released April 1, 2010

For Jean Vance.
My grandmother, teacher and friend.
Written by Allen Mask

Production Credits:
Jerry Albritton - Xfakturmuzik (Greensboro, NC)
Eric Sim - Simtraks Studios (Garner, NC)
Taylor Roberts - Sub.Urban Studios (Raleigh, NC)
Thomas Harling & Rob Shoemaker - The Shop (Concord, NC)
Saul Johnson - Underground Sound (Greensboro, NC)
Al Jacob & Mitchell Marlowe - Warrior Sound (Chapel Hill, NC)

Feature Credits:
Dave Rosser
Alex Wright
Benton James
Mark Albritton
Stephanie Gray
Starr Miller
Andrew Simpson
Phillip Bouche
David Hall
Logan Mauney
AJ Keihner
Jason Perfetto
Meredeth McCoy
Nicolas Couture
Caitlin Watkins
Afika NX
Andrew Van Tassel

Special thanks:
Ken Mask, MD - Executive Producer
Jack Gallagher - Management
Jordan Woodson - Creative / Design
Joshua Hoffman - Photography


all rights reserved



Allen Mask San Francisco, California

al·len mask
noun /’alən,mask/ [singular]

20something recording artist whose compositions and productions are suggestive of musically innovative yet universally accepted hip hop.

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Track Name: As Far As I Can See feat. OJ
Verse 1:

Once upon a time
Far away beyond the never lands
I’m...mentally convoluted
I’ve never been a Socrates but these new philosophies
Say that my...batteries not included
If I could make a wish I'd wish away my expectations
For everything in...excess of mindlessness
In hopes to minimize what I would call a haunting aftertaste
For reasons your finding this


I know that I wont...
Put myself together if the pieces never fit well in the first place
And I know that I don’t...
Really understand that what I’m feeling is so far from being worst case
And I know that I won't...
Be strong enough to stabilize when I just can't control the other side of me
I know that I don’t…

Ever really want to leave…as far as I can see


My life is almost over
But I still feel alright
Cuz the music gives me closure
And lets me see the light
My life is almost over
But I still feel alright
Cuz the music gives me closure
And lets me see the light

Verse 2:

Once upon a time far away from all utopia
I’m...morally melancholy
This pride and prejudice give way to any evidence that me myself and I
Are more than...anybody
This is a scheduled disappointment
If I may..open a vent I’d love your ears for just another minute
I'd love to go it all alone but all I’ve learned is
Solitude wants you smothered in it
Track Name: Beloved feat. Benton James
Verse 1:

With most sincerity I
Stand and salute you for the poise you always kept in being broken so consistently
Your dedication and affinity for regular abuse align with women of my generation’s history
Can't say I’ve ever understood this strange phenomenon
I’ve monitored it patiently still hoping that maturity
Would quarantine this toxic sense of self esteem and end the billing for your rights and paying social insecurity

(Benton James)
Yo Al watch this
I can turn a killer to profit
Pop hits ripped from the heart of the heartless
Lawless lords of the poorest of dreamers
Team wit a scheme that'll bring the beast greenbacks
Hi hats and repetition
At a distance
Kids wit persistence
And I'm a eye witness
This gritty quick witted raw art done started somethin’
Culture cant tell but I can smell the storm comin’


I know that you’re lovin’ your Mr. Super Fly Fly
Just kissin’ and huggin’ but all I see is my my
Beloved – why is it you only seem to cry cry?
Just get to your limit and lady tell him bye bye

Verse 2:

Don’t think that I've ever
Been a fan of funding guilt trips
But this imbalance in the marketplace can no longer be lived with
Especially…given that the latest marriage recipe
Will often end with our wonderful women burned in effigy
Cuz I myself have had some trouble getting half way
Numbers in my math say – I remove myself from crazy mad play
All because I love and respect – but I won't ever bail on these priorities for my next

(Benton James)
Yo on the west end of town
Someone’s quotin’ scripture
And confessions of how
God can fix this broken picture
With duress and a smile
I stick with the straight and narrow
Come correct wit the stylistics
Follow my lead now
I'm the last of the Cosbys
You could probably spot me in the last Ep
Reppin’ South Philly
Crushin’ in the caddy
Screamin’ to free willy
Back when character counted for somethin’ so deal wit me

Verse 3:

And this is not the only time
her father figured that
He had never been a father figure back
When his youngest daughter was a kitty cat
And now she's broken and re-licking her wounds
Tryna put herself again back in emotional tune
You see
Somewhere a number sits and every sun and moon it sheds a little bit
It's counting down her days and may be finished with
That means this train will never stop and she’ll be
In the majority by thinking that “he's better than me”
But check it


You must forgive my being…so cavalier but listen
I swear there’s something better something greater that you’re missin’

Take a chance makin’ plans to stand on your own
And if he's playin’ with your heart then darlin’ leave him alone

One day you’ll come to terms with
The fact you’re more than perfect
The fact you’ve always been there’s so much more you need to surface

And if you ever need a place to be free
Then baby don’t worry you know that you got me
Track Name: Gallerina
Verse 1:

My Mona Lisa I can feel you
Beneath your canvas praying mantis let me steal you
I got a place where I can heal you
It's at the corner of Atlantis and cathedral ballerina
If you could teach me how to float above the stage then maybe
I'd fly away before the paramedics try to save me
It's by appointment baby this is no tradition tell me would you ever be my
Second story diva


Would you ever go this far to be?
Part of the majestic's 1-2-3
Tiny little dream bots on their own
Moving us along while marching home
Would you ever swim this far to see?
Anything about how you and me
Hide away in dreamland fields of foam
Live a second sequence all alone

Verse 2:

Mona Lisa I can read you
You shouldn’t build it with so much that I can see through Gallerina
I think I really think I need you
If you're about to say you love me I'll precede you ballerina
If you could teach me how to spin a perfect circle maybe
I'd be less hesitant to use the color purple daily
Don’t be confused my lady we are just beginning are you starting to believe my
Sugar señorita


Well did you whisper run away? Please repeat I’m far away
My screens so blue
Well are we here just for the day? Have we come a different way?
I’m tasting you
It's maybe memory delay can't remember what to say
Please paint me new
And pull the trigger all the way then repeat it everyday say baby
Track Name: Efland feat. Starr Miller
Verse 1:

Every season has its skeptics
Lights could cease to flutter Transamerica
And some would never notice
It’s not a picture perfect story but we’ve shared some pleasant frames
I just don’t think the both of us can be in focus
They say that lovers rock and though we tend to roll
I gotta drop and stop to keep this burnin’ under my control
It just can't be ignored
And though I’ve gotten pretty good at holdin’ weight
I can no longer participate


But queen I know you’re thinking
That our beginnings lately
Have gone in all but the direction you're anticipating
Our love supreme in waiting
May never reach the place it needs to be our expiration worries me exceedingly
I know your love for me and
You know my love for you
It wasn’t meant to be I'll stop this catching 22
But lover listen to
What she says on her way from Efland
And keep in mind that love wasn’t the question
You'll repeat


We'll be fine I know
I'll pick up the pieces on your way
Leave me mine and go
Re-define forever please don’t stay

Verse 2:

Vis a vis the disregard you think is evident
I’ll ask for your redemption how I did it wasn’t relevant
Don’t think I’ve ever been benevolent
I’m sure you would agree
But I can no longer regret how I mistakenly
Would take your hand and speak of love only in myths
And do my best to be a better man but paid you all in counterfeit
You must forgive my getting down a bit
I’m just opposed to being juxtaposed but you know how the story goes


Tell me that your greatest fear is overcome
And when its all over and done you'll go and find yourself another one
I pray that he can be the perfect
Maybe super human leaps above what you would think is legend unbelieving love
And when its over dont think how it could have been
Just know in your heart you're with him
And theres no opposition only win
Just let it go all that you're holdin' in
Cuz you and I foreverly
Are better in his grip but all your telling me is this...
Track Name: Bittersweet feat. The Clefs
Verse 1:

Mr. Maker God the father
Lord of all my inabilities miscalculated synergies and misdemeanors
There’s been a surge of infidelity
Material serenity
Forgive my lack of faith and how it's come between us
There’s no excuse and not a fancy way to say that I mistook this...for the road less taken
My mistaken reasons weaken
But in the midst of heavy seeking I dissent
And recollect the fact my last misfortune cookie read
this paragraph


Change the way I see light
Cuz we can't be that far away from the day
I need no longer free my
Belief that we are far away from the pain
I’d leave behind to be right
And she can’t be that far away from the same
I’ll blame the way I re-write
And be a new believer gone away from the way I…

Verse 2:

Speak out the corner of my mouthpiece
Ancient tongues and 40 days and nights away from maybe what it used to be
They say you’ll change the world and using me will be a form of blessing
Not a lesson that my locks don’t settle properly
Lord I consider me your property
And I'd be foolish if I said I walked with something less than honesty
I realize my toolbox is something short of what is most important
So I wrote this on my working order


May need a minute
More like a mere eternity for
A chance to really lay my weapons down before the war
It's not a study (or)
A pleasant way of life but it’s the only way to be
Without them praying for me anxiously
I'm having difficulty sifting through the terms of our agreement
No extension needed save permission for my pardon
I haven’t visited the garden
We changed the name from Eden please ignore the bleeding
Promise I'll be stopping soon
This is my 98th balloon and 7th life If I'm conservative
I fear that fear itself will be affirmative
My habit gets me to the point where I'm alright but in the absence of your light
There's just no way that I can fly at night
The best mechanics perfect weather and my 20 something years of pure experience
Are bittersweet...plus
I'm as attracted to infinity the way you are divinity which in itself can justify the the way they told me


I’ll be measured in phenometrics
20,000 leagues below this modern day majestic where the people sent me
To be among the youngest martyrs with our true midnight marauders of the victory
That speak to you specifically
I'll be buried in pyrotechnics
In 30 more degrees I'll be immune to antiseptics and amphetamines
But if it's all for livability and compromised utility
I think I'll vote the way that gets me to you
Track Name: Artofficial feat. Nicolas Couture
Verse 1:

In loving memory of
That great ability acknowledged in a form of an epiphany
Remembered only way back when for a moment
I had forgotten what it meant to have inherited a luminary legacy
That everybody’s telling me
Live up to
Youngin’ you’ll never be too abrupt to
Give a little credit to everybody that loves you
And she told me – if I ever make a difference in this world to keep in mind it’d be a million acts removed from the first time
That was my grandmother
And she was the grandest mother any brother's sister ever been to me
Never neglected to help me redirect my energy when I’d forgotten everything my predecessors did for me
With just a moment
Invested well in reminisce could show you every overlook you ever made
Every person who forgot and who forgave just
So you could know what it means for opportunity to be more than a part of your dreams its why


They told us we wont do this music for long
So give it up over the breaks of that b-boy’s song
It's just that…
Fresh hip hop music movin’ into me
We got it on the track – rippin’ it till infinity
So tell my party people that’s what’s up
And if you feel it grab a record put your systems up
And maybe then we’ll let em’ know that we’re here
Artofficial and we know that…this is never gonna be a throwback

Verse 2:

Back…when I was nothing but a seed
With every bit of all ability that’s needed to succeed but I object
We recognize your mark because of someone
Just look into your mirror be reminded where you come from
Then may you, write a million letters saying thank you
Knowing that it took more than a village just to raise you
And I pray you
Forever keep in front of your mind when you neglect your history you're more than leaving behind a simple memory
Then she looked me right in my face
And said it wouldn’t make a difference it wasn’t for grace
I'll remind you
Battle with the army right behind you
And listen to the oracles that show you how to climb to the summit
It takes a nation holding us back
Of many more than just a million as a matter of fact
The precedents of our superiors heroics and life lines
Have made it possible for us to be at the right time yeah

Verse 3:

(Nicolas Couture)

From New Orleans up to Harlem
my roots run deeper than blackberry molasses,
I raise glasses
To my family who path'd passage
For me to feel like I’m Cassius
When he dropped Frazier
Now it's art through the audio
Snakes in the industry
Who can't taste the energy
Or even see the sound
We got the cap and gown
Posing with a thousand women with they diplomas from outta town
I'll leave a legacy
Bet they'll remember me
Mama said get the paper - did that literally
Nicolas so refined
Ocean front view time could stop on a dime
You could have the wrong outfit
Create my own outlet
Failure I doubt it, CL 5 hoping out it
We grooving and we grooving
And we moving how we moving
Legacy producing, imagine me losing
Track Name: Vanity Lane
Verse 1:

She left her number in the DJ booth
11 digits it was Robin from the U.K
On her way to sleep when I was waking up on Tuesday
I think we’re gonna have to do this in a new way
Cuz when we met I was still eating at the Top of Lenoir
Only thinkin’ bout what I was tryna register for
But she…
Was sittin’ pretty in a different time zone
And I bet that she don’t even have my picture on her iPhone
We all believe that love is really metaphysical yet
We all agree that there’s a certain individual set
To rock a rock that you could spend your life savings on
That kinda cream that could make life saving easy yall
I need a shorty that wont ever have to see me ball
I know she’ll listen if I text instead of try to call
And so I’ll shoot an SMS…SOS
Fortunately I regret that I never left


And we got so lost and confused I know
That we got too far and removed
From Vanity Lane I'm lost in the view it shows
How I fought much harder than you


I took her number from the DJ booth and came home but could really only skype her
Met her back in London at Millennium and Cypher
Rockin’ D and Gabanna Givenchy over a Prada bamboo piece
And I was still in undergrad on the grind but she
At 27 had a little more time to be
Life size and live in a high rise and I bet that she don’t even have my country code memorized
It's been about a year and change since the change…wait
Its kinda hard to move along with the exchange rate
Capital benefits but never in the same place
Overseas long distance never seemed great
I really think I’m doing fine but it seems late
And you don’t ever seem to mind that you feel great
But that’s straight…I'm glad you got your piece of mind
But you’ll no longer get this piece of mine


Just when I thought that I had lost it
Told myself I’d never finish cleaning out my closet…let alone get better
You know its nothing fancy we
Gave up any amnesty
I prolly shoulda listened to the weather
If all was fair in love and war…then maybe our anomaly might
Be said and done and better maybe tonight
Later you’ll see that I’m right
As if it really matters now but I guess you’re gonna hear it anyhow


From Vanity Lane I'll leave for the morning
Wishing you home but glad you’re away and through
Baby I just needed a warning
Darling all I wanted to say to you...
Track Name: Lean On
Verse 1:

From East Franklin to 9th street…then to capital B
Clock watchin I-40 just my people and me would be on the road
Life with nothing to lose…fellowship was after school…Pete Rockin to the CL smooth
Just doing nothing but we had to get out yo
Never coming home until we made it to the nearest cook out though
My family…true…we epitomize insanity
Just a couple branches but I love our little family tree
And I remember where the principal lives
Beloved neighbor I remember every moment as kids
And so well…we’d tag along for groceries I
Would over sample everything our parents still won't buy
My life…I know it wouldn’t be the same at all
I'd ruin anybody tryna be the change in yall
And so If I never get to say it again…
I'm lovin' each and every one of you right up to the end…
My stories telling me that…


I can’t avoid the needing
For the things that
We stopped believing
And I can only
Leave for tomorrow
All the things that
We failed to follow
And lean on
I’m at a loss and needing
For a chance to
Restart believing
Listen to me
Friends of tomorrow
Don’t forget what
We failed to follow
And lean on

Verse 2:

And I remember days when all we needed was a juice box
Just an open space a couple blankets for the fort top
My cousin was a short stop…never got a scholarship
Rarely on the field but always target shooting hollow tips
And now my sister's almost one of the girls
My mama cooking for the party grandma stringing her pearls for graduation
Siblings getting married away
Propose a toast my homey’s sober 6 years today
And I remember fighting way too many tears to pray
Regarding things I'm still a little bit afraid to say
I love you papa I’ll remember how you paved the way
And how my neighbors always let me when I tried to stay
Man I’d give anything to live it like we used to
I know I'm young but growing up is not something for getting used to
Just let me choose to…show em the love
And my regrets for being ghost this is my sympathy hug im sayin’

Verse 3:

Son ill explain it when you get a little older
And my jacket starts to fit a little tighter on your shoulder
My pop…would share his coffee and correct my auntie's resume
Not a people person but we put it on there anyway
It's funny looking back right now
Verifying all the prophecies reviewing all my old Talib qualities
Re-living the pain that helped me stay the way I gotta be and
Granting new forgiveness when my team would take a shot at me
But ask if your confused by what im talking about
Don’t understand the situation, what im doin’ or how…but recall
I'm sayin' sorry for my 50…
Percent and I would love you to accept to put it simply
Just so we could reminisce and burn another couple blacks by the wayside
Wave to the blue moon…welcome in the daylight
Me and my people gotta stay right here's to the bloodline
Lets everybody sing it one time
Track Name: Feedback
Verse 1:

I wish I was a little bit taller
Wish I was a baller
Wish I had a girl I would call her…
And tell her throw away the Domino's meet me at Delmonico’s
I’d wear the finest of designer clothes
9-5 maybe – shop the internets
Fly and evergreen – cold but winter fresh
And when it's dinner yes
Hand the bill over the me and sign the tab next to VIP


And if I get a record deal I would
Write a single let the neighbors really know what’s good
Have the label send your mother champagne for free
Tell the waiter you and yours are gonna drink on me
All we - should do is float the seat back
Later you'll be saying it was dope I need that
But hold your feedback
And maybe take a little I wish
Come and take a look at my list

Verse 2:

Man I just wanna live the best life
Know what a G5 jet's like
A second house in Madagascar
Get there in a fast car
I'd be the first black Nascar
Fan…Host a making the band
Have an island where the women write my name in the sand
I'm thinking – no more ramen and payless
Honey take the car and spend wherever they can take a black Amex


I’m really thinking it's alright
For us to be a little superficial and more like the sore type
I’m really thinking it's alright
For us to be a little hypocritical more like before right?
I’m really thinking it's alright
For us to be a different individual more like the bore type
I’m really thinking it's alright for us to let it
Go go go go sing it on the radio


Don’t think I ever need to be more like
We’re gonna make it how we make it it’ll be Alright
Don’t think I ever need to be more like
We’re gonna make it how we make it it’ll be Alright
Don’t think I ever need to be more like
We’re gonna make it how we make it it’ll be Alright
Don’t think I ever need to be more like
We’re gonna make it how we make it it’ll be Alright
Track Name: Like It Should Be feat. Afika NX
Verse 1:

Victory is finally mine I
Just want to take this time to rewind my
Sense of luminescence
Tell me to think of a time i
Had something that was less than divine why
Define it in the present
I re-examined our breed
Found that we been overdosin’ while the people are freed
Please...detox and relieve...breath slow
Let's talk about it after the show
Remind each other life is so

Just like it should be
And I cant think of any better way we could be
This kinda feeling makes the infinitely good be
Part of the reason ive been so misunderstood be - cause everything is picture perfect
Like it should be
And I cant think of any better way we could be
This kinda feeling makes the infinitely good be
Part of the reason ive been so misunderstood be - cause everything is kinda...

Verse 2:

Fabulous...my love for life is more than one page
Just like the way I felt for music in the first grade
We'd share a barber chair and even get the same fade
I’m happy Huxtable like Louis said its wonderful
The company I try to keep is there just when I need em’
They know just when I gotta chill and when I carpe diem
I smile when I remember Martin how he fought for freedom
l laugh when I remember Malcolm said he didn’t need em’


(Afika NX)
That's how I wanna see it
Skeptical spectacles but wanna believe it
I can love it or leave it
I can judge it or be it
Or like an AA take it day-to-day, morning to evening
Now Allen told me life's slow
So should I embrace the pace and take the high road?
Man I dunno...
But I can take a guess
That everything I've been blessed with is here to answer all of my questions
And that's just...